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Who We Are & what We Do

Sites & Me is an up and coming design company that provides web development, page design, graphic design, web design and other design services. We maintain a client list with established clients from around the world. Our goal is to build and maintain your website while you can focus on your business.

Your website is one of the most, if not the most, important assets you can develop for your business.

Customers and potential clients, these days, all carry smartphones or mobile devices which they use heavily to find new products, businesses, places to eat and so on. What this means for you as a business is that it is imperative to have a website that is mobile friendly, easy to navigate and of course, well designed.

Having such a website will give you the competitive advantage over other businesses who have not invested into their website as your first point of contact with your potential customers is your website.

There is a saying "The first impression is the last impression". It's called a cliché for a reason - because it's true. You only ever get once chance to impress your customers. And that is through your website and online presence.

This is why your website must be well designed, mobile ready and easy to use for the viewer.


“What I appreciated most about my experience with Sites & Me, aside from ending up with a website that is perfect for me and my business, was the knowledge, creativity, flexibility, and adaptability of the team. They were both willing and able to accommodate every request I made and make appropriate suggestions regarding functionality and design; anticipating what I needed often before I knew myself! The result was a website that has allowed me to confidently present my business and my brand to the world.” - Virgina Lundy - What Now Life Coaching